Thursday, March 1, 2007

Spring Training: Game #1

I have a game-thread of the first five innings over at The Bronx Block. Some brief thoughts on what went down at Legends Field today.
  • Wang still knows how to get groundballs. His velocity was already up around 94 mph.
  • Phil Hughes is human. He did not look very comfortable, even nervous and overthrowing at times. He did work in a changeup and a couple of curves, but otherwise threw fastballs. Maybe he was trying to be a bit too fine, the 2-seam fastball that struck out “MVP” Morneau was nice.
  • Melky still knows how to play defense, making a very nice catch on a strong long drive headed for the gap. One thing is for sure, Bernie would still be chasing that ball around the warning track while Melky was doubling up the runner.
  • Ross Ohlendorf is the real deal. Regardless of what Steven Jackson and Alberto Gonzalez become, I will officially (and prematurely) deem the Randy Johnson trade a success. His fastball sits at 93-94 mph and his sinker appears to have devastating potential. Ross and Wang should spend some time working together.

  • Damon and Giambi hit homers, Matsui and Cano put some good swings on the ball, & Tabata is fast.
Hughes will probably pitch again on the 7th and 11th of March. So, we'll see if he can improve on the mediocre 1.1 innings he threw today.