Sunday, January 6, 2008

Callis: Halos Have Better Shot At Santana Than Yanks

From Chad Jennings' Blog:
Q: Hanks From New York, NY asks:
Is lester, Crisp Lowrie, Masteron too much for Santana? And who has the better offer on the table, the Sox or the Yanks offer that's rumored to be Hughes, Cabrera, Marquez, 4th prospect. Thanks for the chat.

A: Jim Callis:
I don't think that's too much. From Boston's standpoint, you're upgrading Lester to Santana; replacing Crisp with Ellsbury; Lowrie has no place to play right now; Masterson is a setup guy who could start or close elsewhere. That's better than the Yankees' offer, though I would take Hughes over any of the guys in the Boston package.

One other thing from that chat, Callis said he thinks the Angels have a better chance than the Yankees of getting Santana.
Interesting . . . I still believe Santana heading to free agency or the Mets is a win in the Yankees column. Johan going to the Angels may be just as damaging as him joining the Red Sox given New York's inability to defeat LA in the new millennium.

Boston being in the AL East and having an unparalleled rivalry with New York makes my previous statement seem a little absurd. But, the Yankees problem has never been challenging for a playoff spot. Their recent struggle has been advancing once getting there.


PJC said...

Whenever a big name player's name comes up the Angels are always mnetioned - yet they never end up pulling the trigger on deal.

Remember when everyone said they'd be all over ARod? Bottom line, they would never pay Santana what he wants. There's only one team that will and unfortunately it's the Yankees.

Bronx Liaison said...

Good point PJC and essentially I agree.

But Moreno is only one mistake away from proving us both wrong. He did just give Hunter an exorbitant contract with another centerfielder already on his roster.

Crazier things have happened, though I was merely reporting the possibility of the Angels, more than the probability.