Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sherman: Joba to the pen. Like the MSNBC report discussed on Friday, Joel Sherman's NY Post story claims to be an "exclusive" story on Joba Chamberlain beginning the season in the bullpen. He will likely pitch 40+ innings in relief before moving to the rotation for another 90+ innings during the second half of the season.
Joba Chamberlain will prepare during spring training as a starter, but will begin the season in the Yankee bullpen barring injury to any of the other five main rotation members, team officials confirmed to The Post.

It had been speculated throughout the offseason that Chamberlain could open in the 'pen as a way to restrain his innings from going beyond the approximately 140 the organization wants to limit him to in 2008.
The starting rotation, barring an injury, appears to be set with Wang, Pettitte, Hughes, Kennedy and Mussina. At some point after the all star break, the Yankees will move Chamberlain to the minor leagues for 3-4 weeks so they can stretch him out in lieu of making him a starter. He will then move to starting staff where either Hughes, Kennedy or Mussina will be pushed into another role.

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