Monday, March 10, 2008

Jonathon Albaladejo may be the exception to the rule. The rule? Coming to camp in peak physical condition. [See: Bruney, Brian] The former Washington Nationals relief prospect who came to the Yankees in exchange for Tyler Clippard has looked pedestrian thus far in Spring training, allowing critics to overemphasize his weight.
From the Stamford Advocate article:
Much has been made of the Yankees' improved fitness, and many players are in better shape (Bobby Abreu, Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, Brian Bruney, to name a few). One player who apparently didn't get the memo is reliever Jonathan Albaladejo, whom the Yankees got from Washington for Tyler Clippard. Albaladejo is listed at 6-5, 260 pounds but has what generously can be called a lumpy body. GM Brian Cashman, though, said Albaladejo is not out of shape as far as he's concerned (appearances notwithstanding, apparently). "That's the way he was when he came over from Washington," Cashman said. "He's a big boy."
It is a bit disconcerting when even this guy shed some LBs over the Winter.

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