Wednesday, March 5, 2008

El Duque Scraps Leg Kick, Somewhere Juan Marichal Cries. Orlando Hernandez finally realizes at age 52 he must modify his knee-to-chin delivery if he ever wants to pitch more than 10 consecutive starts without an injury. His signature leg-kick puts far too much stress on his [right] pushoff foot and consequently Duque developed a bunion issue. No truth to the rumors he will use the exact same delivery but learn to pitch lefthanded.

In other senior citizen and former Yankee pitcher news, Randy Johnson could pitch in a game by next week. Diamondbacks officials are hopeful the Unit can make 22-25 starts and compile 130-150 innings - as opposed to his conventional 32 starts and 200+ inning workload. But have no fear DBack faithful, Johnson doesn't think he's old.

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