Monday, March 10, 2008

Heyman: 'No Chance' For Braves To Retain Tex. Sports Illustrated columnist Jon Heyman cites an MLB general manager source who believes the Atlanta Braves have a better chance of getting 200 innings out of Mike Hampton than keeping Mark Teixeira in the ATL. Of course the Yankees will be in the running for Teixeira, along with the BoSox and his hometown Orioles as potential suitors. The notebook also tells of a sit-down between Brian Cashman and Joba Chamberlain.
• One GM summed up what he saw as the Braves' chances to keep Teixeira: "No chance.'' That GM predicted the Red Sox, Orioles and Yankees would all be lining up -- and possibly the Giants, Mariners, Angels and Dodgers, too (though L.A. should feel comfortable with James Loney at first). Most see Teixeira wanting to stay somewhere on the East Coast, anyway.

• Good job by Yankees GM Brian Cashman to sit down with Joba Chamberlain and give him some rules, even beyond the pitch count limitations. Not that there's any evidence of a problem (I'm still young enough not to consider a nipple ring a problem), but there's no sense letting this sort of talent get off track.

For a general manager, it's important to keep your rising stars focused on the task at hand and not allow them to become preoccupied with outside activities. This is especially relevant with Chamberlain, Hughes and Kennedy growing up in the New York City spotlight.

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