Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another Barry in Frisco?

New Giants ace jamming here with Chris Isaak. What did Bernie start?

Peter Gammons is reporting that the Giants have reached an agreement with Barry Zito in the area of 7 years at $18million a season... UNBELIEVABLE... Talk about one of the most preposterous markets in MLB history, this is getting out of control. So much for a Yankees push for Zito, a $126 million deal is not something CashMoney would even think about bringing to the table.

So now Yankees nation turns its lonely eyes to you Mr. Clemens. The Zito deal also has an option for the 2014 season, just in case he wants to pitch when the inaugural line of FLYING CARS are released. Somewhere in California Mr. Scott Boras is sharing a Pina Colada with the devil and celebrating another franchise heist.

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