Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Unit's Best Pitch: Trade Me.

Go back two years. The Yankees sign the Big Unit and all is well in Yankeedom. The "final piece" has been deftly fit into the Championship puzzle and I have to admit there was plenty of excitement in my house. The flirtation has become a reality as Steinbrenner's decade-long quest for RJ is realized.

Unfortunately, that whole New York thing came into play from day one. Yea he smacked the cameraman his first day in the Big Apple, and none of us cared. Yes, he pitched with an essence of mediocrity and no one assumed the worst. A starting pitcher who shows flashes of dominance is an appetizing vision when the sparks are flying from a 23-year-old's left arm. When these moments of brilliance are generated by a 43-year-old with the back of an elderly migrant farmer, the dream is over.

So I would like to personally thank Randy for paving the way for another Cashman special. In the wake of trades like Sheffield for Humberto Sanchez/Kevin Whelan (or Wright for Britton)... Cashmoney is obviously sticking to his guns when it comes to getting younger, getting cheaper, and seeking roster flexibility.

However, this journey may hit a small speed-bump if Barry Zito elaborates on his earlier hazy flirtations with the Bombers. He has been quoted as saying he would love to play in New York and also explained that the best place for him is a franchise who is in the position to contend for multiple titles. Oh yeah, and Zito's dad seems to be cut from the John Giambi cloth as far as openly attempting to shove his son toward Yankee Stadium.

If the Yankees are able to get the same type of home-town discount that Scott Boras had offered during the Beltran sweepstakes 2 years ago - somewhere along the lines of 4 years $60million with a club option for the 5th year - they would have to seriously consider getting aggressive. Although such a scenario is hard to imagine coming to light, there's the slight possibility that Zito desires pinstripes and is also able to wear blinders to Boras' money-grubbing ways.

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