Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Clemens Agent: Jersey Changes Nothing

Buster Olney's blog has a Q&A with Randy Hendricks - Roger Clemens' agent. In it, he dispels rumors, talks about Roger's current fitness-level, and speaks to Cano's jersey switcharoo. On Cano's switch to #24:

As to the number, that is a gracious thing for Cano to do. But it doesn't change any of the foregoing. Boston has never issued '21' to anyone else. As you know, Paul O'Neill had 21 in New York, so Roger wore 12 until 'it failed him' so he switched to 22. He is not surprised that Cano would do this, since everything we have heard about Cano. Carlos Delgado, gave Roger 21 in Toronto. If Roger were to play for the Yankees, I know he would appreciate Cano's gesture. But it is worth noting that 22 is waiting in Houston and 21 in Boston." shows he is an exceptional person, as well as player. Remember, a remarkably good player,
So basically, thanks for nuttin. Olney's take on Cano's gesture:
Separate of the Clemens situation, it was a solid gesture on the part of Cano to switch to No. 24 in recognition of [Jackie] Robinson. Yesterday, one person with the Yankees' executives recounted his charity work, his willingness to visit hospitals, his graciousness. "He gets it," the exec said of Cano.
Another imressive mark to add to Cano's tally.

Superlative journalist and broadcaster Michael Kay has an interview with the recently hospitalized former Yankee, Bobby Murcer. I had not heard the ESPN Radio interview, but it is definitely worth a listen. Murcer's positivity and sheer goodness as a human-being is so glaring it's intimidating. A shining star of the sports world, the stories callers recount for Bobby are touching.

Jorge Posada is making it known: he wants Bernie back in Bronx in 2007. He also said that Bernie Baseball will not retire. The Bergen Record's Bob Klapisch thinks its the Bronx or Bust for Williams.

Remember that guy Jon Lieber? Seems the Phillies are doing their best amnesiac impression on the RHP as well. The Philadelphia Inquirer says that Lieber is on thin ice as he will be traded, but no one knows when.

Apparently, the Ichiro fiasco will continue. It goes something like this: a Japanese newspaper says Ichiro wants out of the losing Mariner culture; Ichiro denies story & professes love for Emerald City; media frenzy ensues; Ichiro now wants to talk contract extension with the M's. And that's the Suzuki two-step.

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