Sunday, January 21, 2007

Manning's Law

Murphy's Law states: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. For a long time even the casual sports fan might have substituted Manning for Murphy. It only made sense. But after Peyton and his Colts overcame a 21-3 halftime deficit to beat New England, the rules changed.

In what must be considered one of the most relieving victories in the history of postseason sports, Manning showed the guts, heart, and determination that football fans had continually questioned.

The doubters - myself included - must now eat their words. (Though I did throw money and win by taking the Colts to win and the over at 48 points) Yes, there is still one more game to be played, but the monkey has officially been removed from Manning's back - which conjures images of Steve Young after his 6 TD Superbowl drubbing of the Chargers.

Following this classic AFC Championship game, my mind wandered to an obligatory Alex Rodriguez comparison.

Hopefully, it is time for Manning's Law to take effect. This law states: If Peyton can defeat Brady & Co. in a crucial playoff game, then Alex Rodriguez can hit an ALCS walkoff homerun . . . in Game 7 . . . against the Red Sox. Hey, why not? Joe Torre has already put a call into Archie Manning asking if his son would consult with his third-baseman.

* says that the Superbowl mirrors baseball. Find out how.

There have been rumors that a lefty slugger is eyeing a return to his Chicago birthplace. Apparently, the Cubs have allowed ex-Met Cliff Floyd to realize such a homecoming as he is close to completing a one-year deal. The 34 year-old will make his decision in the new week. Chicago may insert a club option for the 2008 season should such a contract come to fruition.

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