Wednesday, January 17, 2007

NHL Blunders...Agent-Zero Part II...& MLB News

The worst empty-net fumble and eventual game-tying goal with two seconds remaining, makes this Stars-Oilers highlight an absolute must-see. This poor shmuck has the puck bounce on him while he was walking it into the net. He looses control, falls down, thereby changing possession. Then the Oilers score a miraculous goal because the Stars stopped skating, figuring the game was already over. The final horn sounds as regulation comes to a close. The score is tied 5 - 5.

Gilbert Arenas has done it again. There is no shot he can't hit. And there is no shot he is afraid of taking. His confidence continues to climb to unprecedented heights as Agent Zero is beginning to look like a more flashy Robert Horry. Big Shot Bob's buzzerbeater "m.o." looked something like this: hit an off-balance trey at the buzzer, remove jumping teammates from shoulderblades and waddle into the locker room. Cool as ice.

Contrarily, Arenas throws up 30-footers, turns his back before the ball goes in, and then looks into the crowd with the "who farted on my pillow" facial expression. Arenas may be lightyears away from any realistic Jordan comparison - including an exodus out of a Wizard jersey and into a contender's - but you could argue Mr. Hibachi is currently the best thing going for the NBA.

Yankees signed RHP Luis Vizcaino to a one year deal worth about $3 million.

Surprise-Surprise. The Red Sox are weary of JD Drew's health concerns. Wow, any coherent baseball fan over the age of eleven could have told Theo that Drew is soft, unbelievably injury-prone, and most of all, not worth $70 million. Nevertheless, the blinding speed of these negotiations will carry on. In related news, peace-talks between Palestine and Israel have been underway and are also "close" to getting done. (Yes, that is as sarcastic as the English language gets)

From slugger Ryan Howard may be a year away from salarly arbitration, but a big payday may come as soon as the upcoming 2007 season.

The Phillies even are willing to sit down right now and talk about ironing out a long-term deal that would prevent Howard from becoming a first-time free agent after the 2010 season.
This is probably a good idea since Howard is one of the top-3 powerhitting RBI guys in his league, earned himself the Rookie of the Year title in 2005, and was voted the 2006 NL MVP. After a few weeks of bluffing by Pat Gillick, saying that pitching and not Howard was their top offseason priority, the Phillies have apparently decided to lock up Baby Papi.

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