Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Summer Classic New York Style?

According to ESPN, MLB will officially announce that the 2008 All-Star Game will be held in Yankee stadium. The Bronx has not hosted the event since 1977. The 2008 season will be the final year MLB baseball is played in the 86 year-old ballpark. The new stadium will obviously open in 2009 and boast all of the amenities that are currently associated with new baseball ballparks.

In steroid news, Sammy Sosa has drawn interest from the Texas Rangers. It's believed Slammin' Sammy will be offered an incentive-laden minor league contract as well as a spring training invitation. From the article:

Sosa ranks fifth all-time with 588 home runs, trailing only Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth and Willie Mays. He had three seasons of more than 60 home runs.
It's amazing how athletes like McGwire and Sosa who so recently were looked upon with a reverence, have become cancerous figures bankrupt of any respect they'd garnered after resuscitating MLB in 1998. Fifth all-time in homers and no one wants to see him swing a major league bat ever again.

USA Today has a piece that briefly explains why the Bonds & Drew deals have become forgotten children. The article has an obligatory Scott Boras quote that concludes the article: "It's a very minor thing, it's 90% done." Yeah, he hasn't been saying that since the Winter meetings.

In more Scott Boras news, client Joe Crede is expected to settle their arbitration agreement with the ChiSox with the third-baseman earning himself between $5 and $6 million. He earned $2.675 million in 2006 but Ken Williams has been upfront about his desire to trade Crede. This is legit with 3B stud prospect Josh Fields waiting in the wings.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazzete is reporting that the potential Adam Laroche trade still hinges on the arrival of a third team. The Braves and Pirates may bring in the Washington Nationals as a prospective third party.

There was no mention of the New York Yankees or Melky Cabrera in the article which seemingly means that Cashman has withdrawn Melkman's name from the trade block. However, Cashman is known to remain silent before pouncing on a deal as would be the case if he could land a Mike Gonzalez.

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