Sunday, January 21, 2007

Utley Making Utmost

The Phillies have locked up their star second baseman to a seven year $85 million contract. Not much that can be said about the signing other then: good job Pat Gillick. This contract was imminent as Chase Utley has become a perennial all-star infielder who will hit 25-30 homers and drive in close to 100 each year. He also has been extremely clutch in his first few MLB seasons which should not go unnoticed.

Somewhere Ryan Howard just threw a flatscreen out of his bedroom window, as I'm sure his desire for a long-term contract has spiked once again. A seven year $100million contract for BabyPapi might not be far behind Utley's new deal.

New Cubs manager Lou Piniella hopes that Alfonso Soriano can make the switch to centerfield next year. No word on whether Sori will hold Wrigley hostage with such an implication. Don't get me wrong, Soriano was one of my favorite Yankees because of his versatility & love of the game, but we'll have to wait and see if he'll make another bid for secondbase.

The Cubs sent a message when they signed secondbaseman Mark DeRosa to a $13million contract. Wait, $13 million for DeRosa? That Jim Hendry has a good sense of humor. Since Sori's "successful" move to leftfield last year, it would appear he is much more receptive to playing the outfield full time. He does have a cannon for an arm when his mechanics are right, but covering the vast pastures of center will conjure another adventure for the former Yankee infielder.

Juan Marichal says that Mark McGwire deserves a plaque in the Hall of Fame. No word on what Marichal is smoking or how much contraband McGwire's publicist left in the Dominican Republic.

"McGwire belongs in the Hall of Fame. All those home runs that he hit make him worthy, as do Sammy Sosa's," Marichal said, "Big Mac will be chosen for the Hall of Fame."
McGwire picked up only 23.5% of HOF ballots this year and may well earn less in upcoming years. Although next year's HOF ballot will not have any legitimate first-ballot threats, providing candidates like McGwire, Gossage, and Rice with their best opportunity.

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