Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Best Superbowl Ads (of a weak crop)

In what was a thin collection of Superbowl commercials, I decided to pick out some of the best (and worst).

Here are my top three:

#1 - Bud Light

#2 - Emerald Nuts

#3 - Doritos

And here are my bottom three:

Z - Chevrolet

Y - SalesGenie.com

X - Garmin

The fact that these advertisements cost $2.6 million per 30-second spot only emboldens how bad some of these commercials were.
Honorable mentions:
the best
Sierra Mist - Beard Combover
FootLocker - Garnett Autograph
Budweiser - Slapping

the worst
GM - Robot
Blockbuster - Mouse
Lionsgate - Pride
The film Pride just looks ridiculous - maybe even perpetuating stereotypes - which is disappointing since Terrance Howard is one of the industry's top actors.

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