Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Live For This

We are only a few months away from witnessing beautiful scenery such as this:

*The big news of the day? Jersey native and bullpen sacrificial lamb Ron Villone agreed to a minor-league contract, allowing him to compete for a spot in an already crowded bullpen. His 2006 ERA ballooned over 5.00, but was a bit of an aberration due to comical periods of overuse. Some other tidbits from the first day of Spring training:
  • Joe Torre says he wants to manage beyond 2007, with or without the Yankees.

  • Torre is also hoping to sit down with Bernie so that they may discuss whatever there is left to discuss mano-y-mano.

  • A conversation with Mariano will be the first item on GM Brian Cashman's contractual list. There is really no reason for Yankee fans to sweat over such a situation as an extension will get done, very possibly before Spring training concludes. The New York tabloids are only attempting to drum up readership on a dead-issue. They figure Bernie Williams being shown the door has some sort of relevant connection to a player who has yet to show any signs of decline. Knock on wood.

*Carlos Zambrano's impression of Rickey Henderson - implementing the use of third person narrative - begins a new punchline for bloggers everywhere. Big-Z will have a big V-Day checking himself out in the mirror and sending himself chocolate covered cherries. However, if Carlos wants to bring his fiery mound-presence to Yankee Stadium in 2008, he will not face such contractual trivialities.

*The Padres signed an Iraqi War vet to a minor-league deal. Regardless of your beliefs for or against the conflict, this brief story is worth checking out. Seems as though (Marine Corporal) Cooper Brannan is not a publicity stunt and may be a talented pitcher in his own right.

Apparently the Pads have strong ties to military organizations in the San Diego area, frequently honoring troops with special days at The Litter Box (aka Petco Park). It would be a great story if Brannan ultimately made it to the show - as unlikely as it may seem.

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