Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Round-Up

Carl Pavano is pitching for the Yankees this season? George King gives us an obvious possibility.

GM Brian Cashman is counting on Pavano to be the fourth or fifth starter. However, Pavano hasn't been on a big-league mound since June 2005 due to a litany of injuries. Teammates are wary of his commitment to pitching. Even though the Yankees are thin in the rotation, if Pavano shows he is healthy in spring training, they could deal him. The Mariners and Cardinals have shown interest.
Cashman must have fantasies of trading "the Crutch."

Newsday says the 2007 Yankees are throwing a changeup.

Joel Sherman submits his weekly projection of who could be traded this season.

A Boston Glober says Theo Epstein & Co. could revisit Helton trade-talks.

The St.Paul Pioneer Press states the obvious.
If the Twins determine that they can't afford to re-sign two-time Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana and end up trading him this year, it's a near cinch that they would require several pitchers in return.
Several pitchers, eh? Maybe that crop of Sanchez, Ohlendorf, Clippard and Rasner could draw some Twinkie interest.

Mike Lupica does his best to divide a shaky Yankee clubhouse in his annual state of the Yankee-hater address.

Shocker. Clemens hasn't picked a team yet.

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