Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Interesting Free Agent May Join '08 Class

As ESPN already reported, Cuban homerun king Alexei Ramirez could potentially join the likes of Andruw Jones and Torii Hunter as a 2008 free agent. The 26 year old Cuban shortstop/outfielder is renowned in his native land as a legitimate slugger, but the level of competition remains a factor.

Some believe that the Cuban baseball league is comparable to that of Class A ball in the United States' minor league circuit. Should that contention be true, it would be hard to imagine Ramirez's power numbers holding up in AAA, much less against big league pitchers.

I've heard Yankee followers already state Ramirez as a necessary replacement for Bobby Abreu, who has a club-option for 2008. That idea borders on ridiculous, especially when considering that Buster Olney already reported that the Yankees are all but decided on picking up the rightfielder's option.

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