Sunday, September 23, 2007

A-Rod's Second City Rumblings

Alex Rodriguez to the Cubbies? New York Magazine reports that his agent, Scott Boras, has already opened talks with the potential new owner of the Chicago Cubs about a mega deal.

A new report says Alex Rodriguez’s agent has spoken to a potential new owner of the Chicago Cubs about a bank-breaking deal that could give A-Rod a cut of the team.

The powerful Yankee third baseman is eligible to opt for free agency 10 days after the World Series ends this fall. And, New York magazine reports, super-agent Scott Boras is already talking to who he thinks is the favorite group vying to purchase Chicago’s first-place team.

According to the magazine, Boras is peddling a Second City deal that could go for an average of $30 million a year over 10 seasons, with much of that cash backloaded for the 32-year-old Rodriguez - who would then be given the right to buy a chunk of the Cubs at the contract’s conclusion. The report does not indicate who would pay for this proposed, precedent-setting deal.

There will be a ton of these rumors swirling once the World Series concludes, but I didn't think serious speculation would begin so early. Looks like Mark Cuban will waste zero time making a big splash, should he call Wrigley home in the near future. There is a definite possibility that this entire story is simply "Boras Being Boras," drumming up the free agency drum a little early. If the story is true, isn't this just a tad bit of tampering going on?

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