Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yankees Win One for the Gipper

  • Alex Rodriguez notched RBI #156 and raised his season batting average to .314 thanks to his 2-for-2 day. He managed a .314/.422/.645 year with 54 homeruns, 156 RBI, 143 runs-scored and 24 stolen bases.
  • Ross Ohlendorf pitched 1.2 innings, allowing three baserunners and an earned run.
  • Chris Britton pitched a perfect inning.
  • Kyle Farnsworth (of course) allowed a homer, finishing the season with a 4.80 Earned Run Average.
  • Wilson Betemit and The Giambino each contributed 2-out RBI. Giambi with an RBI single and Betemit with a two-run double.
  • Yankees final record: 94-68

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