Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Announcer Waldman Gets Emotional

Suzyn Waldman, Yankees radio co-host and reliable advertisement reader, was brought to tears while relaying Joe Torre's postgame comments.

In all seriousness, Waldman and John Sterling are an atrocious duo in terms of their on-air abilities. They are extremely biased at times, and Sterling goofs at least two homerun calls per week. However, Waldman's reaction was a genuine display of respect for someone she'd cover closely for a decade.

I'm unsure whether her actions were unprofessional, but I am much more offended by Sterling's tendency to sulk and become embittered when the Yankees aren't playing well.

From Awful Announcing:
“No I was okay actually until I went into the clubhouse and the coaches are sitting in Torre’s office and they are watching this. And the tears you hear in my voice are coming down the faces of the coaches in that coach's room.”- Suzyn Waldman

"Well Suzyn, in life all good things come to an end.”- John Sterling


Batty said...

I thought Sterling was a complete and utter ass. As much as Susan annoys me I thought that she was reporting a very heartfelt event - I can't believe many fans who could have been in that room wouldn't have felt that same kind of emotion.

Instead Sterling rambles about all this crap that doesn't relate to anything and just cuts her off for the last broadcast of the season. Argh!

Tony Gicas said...

Totally agree Batty..

Waldman is an easy target. Her reaction to the Roger Clemens return sideshow was way over the top. and she is a sideline reporter at best. However, I can't fault her for becoming emotional witnessing such a dramatic end to an era.

As far as Sterling, he's a far better fit as a circus ring master than baseball announcer.