Monday, October 8, 2007

Clemens Out, Villone In

When Roger Clemens left the mound Sunday night due to an aggravated hamstring injury, baseball fans probably witnessed Rocket's final moments on a big league mound. Because of an amendment to the playoff roster rules, the Yankees are able to replace an injured Clemens with another player. The replacement must be a pitcher, though, and Joe Torre decided on Ron Villone.
Because Clemens has been replaced on the roster for the final game or two of the series against Cleveland, he is ineligible to be included on the League Championship Series roster, if the Yankees advance that far. So, even if the Yankees make it as far as the World Series, it is possible that Clemens pitched the final game of his career on Sunday.
No speculation on whether Ian Kennedy was a possibility, or even available, but a vague injury concern and maxing out his innings-cap for the year surely made that decision simpler.

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