Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Forget Joe, It's Clueless John

On Sunday, Mike Francesa of WFAN radio fame, presented a panel discussion on his tv show Mike'd Up. The topic of course revolved around Joe Torre's future. The three guests comprising the panel included Mark Feinsand of The Daily News, Sweeny Murti of FAN and "the voice" of the New York Yankees, John Sterling.

I will preface my remarks by understanding Sterling is reported to be a kind individual whose forged a friendship with Torre. Supporting a friend during hard times is to be commended. However, some comprehension of the Yankees current situation is expected, especially when you've broadcast in the Bronx since 1989. One would think with such longevity comes an inside perspective which even the best beat writers cannot attain.

Unfortunately, Sterling's homerism seems to have given way to blissful ignorance. Some of his comments made in the Mike'd Up video clip are absurd, even reminiscent of Chip Caray's cluelessness. Here are some of Sterling's responses.

When asked if Torre had any Yankees upper-management figures capable of persuading decision makers into bringing the skipper back, Sterling had this to say:
"Well I think that George would be his ally."

To which, Francesa responded, "But George is the guy who said he's gone!"
Guess Sterling missed this whole mess.

Then, when asked if he felt Alex Rodriguez would be a Yankee in 2008, Sterling actually believed the Yankees could sign him to $25 million a season for five years. John, please, come back to us. Rodriguez would get $25million a year for fifthteen years before he signs a five-year deal. How can he be that lost?

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