Thursday, October 11, 2007

Free Agent Frenzy

Joel Sherman opines in his column today, that Alex Rodriguez may instruct his agent, the satanic Scott Boras, to avoid an using opt-out clause:

I believe Boras has begun the public bluff about just how many teams can allocate astronomical dollars as a way to lure the Yankees to bid against themselves. Because I think Alex Rodriguez wants to stay a Yankee. He has played in Seattle and Texas, so he knows this stage fits his legendary self-perception. For a man who obsesses on routine and preparation, Rodriguez has formed a comfort level with people, places and patterns that allow him to flourish as a Yankee.

My gut says, right now, Rodriguez wants Boras to make it happen at the highest possible price with the Yanks. That is why Boras has opened the imagination to what the Red Sox or Mets or Angels might pay, even if it is just his hypothesis or fantasy. The idea is to get the Yanks to bid, bid, bid when only they can bid.
More than citing unnamed sources or unsubstantiated rumor, Sherman is relying on a reporter's most important, fickle weapon. His gut.

Meanwhile in Texas, Rangers management is hoping and praying that Rodriguez decides to opt out, thereby suspending the multi-million dollar subsidy remaining on his contract.

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