Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heyman: Torre Not That Innocent

In a trigger-happy column, SI.com's Jon Heyman reports the Yankees offered Joe Torre a $4.5 million contract during Spring training.


Dirty Water said...

Better hope the WS goes 7. The clock's ticking on A-Rod and the Yanks have yet to find a manager or offer him $300 million.

Dirty Water said...

I think this contract would work for A-Rod though.

50 Million per year for 15 years.


- Stipper Pole next to his locker
- V.I.P. Access to Strip clubs at all away venues
- Derek Jeter gives him a pat on the back once a day to stroke his ego.
- A new candy bar "Pay-Rod" be named after him.
- He doesn't have to play in the post season, since he doesn't show up anyway.

Other incentives could be an opt out clause after every away game or 85% ownership of the team.