Monday, October 15, 2007

Linkage: Roids & Results

Looks like this Mitchell report is not just a publicity stunt drowned by inconclusiveness after all. Unnamed sources have already begun prophesizing the report as "enormous," and "salacious." Don't take my word for it, check out Buster Olney's piece. Nice lead as well:
Some officials came away from a 30-team Major League Baseball conference call held mid-day Friday with the understanding that the forthcoming Mitchell report would include many names; names which have so far not been disclosed publicly; and the names of well-known players.
If this report is as credible and groundbreaking as Olney implies, it appears Major League Baseball will again be on the hook as the foremost culprits for doping in American athletics. Fair or unfair, the National Football League and international sports like track or cycling are either too important or too obscure to warrant equal time.

If Olney's sources prove reliable, the elusive report could make it's debut as early as the conclusion of the World Series and as late as January of 2008.


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