Saturday, October 6, 2007

Not much more needs to be said. The Yankees season may have been ended prematurely by a swarm of punctual mosquitoes. That... and an absolute lack of offense. Together, one of the most courageous pitching performances of Andy Pettitte's career was overshadowed by a gut-wrenching defeat.

Say whatever you want about the Yankees lineup. That they get fat on bad pitching and cringe against good pitching. They sure seem capable of hitting tough starters during the regular season, but for whatever reason, the past three postseasons have seen them completely collapse.

And the A-Rod detractors should take a look at the entire lineup before ridiculously mounting an entire series of playoff failures on him. Whether it be an 0-for on Posada's part, or a Matsui who obviously does not belong in the lineup, something has to change.

Joe Torre's loyalty to his players is an honorable trait, but it should remain in regular season scenarios. Once the calendar turns to Octobor, veteran allegiances become moot. Or at least they should.

With that, the series is not yet complete. The Yankees could win three games in a row, though it would be an amazing feat considering how flat this group's performed during the first two games.

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