Thursday, October 4, 2007

Beatdown in C-Town

Ugly. Very, very ugly.

Going into the game, I thought CC Sabathia would dominate the Yankees lineup. Instead he begged them to knock him out of the game, and the Bombers refused to comply.

On the other hand, Chien-Ming Wang looked like a middle schooler whose sinker wouldn't sink, two-seamer stayed up and slider was unreliable. Everytime Wang needed to bare down to get the last out of an inning, he coughed up a two-out RBI.

By the way, TBS needs to think seriously about pulling Brenly and the other yokel out of that broadcast booth. Absolutely horrible announcing, biases at times, and clueless during others.

All-around atrocious performance gives way to another enormous pressurized start for Andy Pettitte.


Batty said...

I especially enjoyed when he talked about how Posada, Jeter, A-Rod, and Kaz Matsui were hitless tonight.

Kaz...good job guys. Really.

randy l. said...

tbs was horrible,but what do you expect when a network is doing things for the first time. they don't cover the yankees all year and then they get them in playoffs. it's a stupid system. my 86 year old father just loved not being able to find the game in the first place because of the other game bleeding into the yankee scheduled starting time. he had no idea how to go to tnt on direct tv for what turned out to be just a short time. then he had to figure out how to go back to tbs. all the time missing live action.
great way to treat a yankee fan who watched ruth, gehrig, and dimaggio play in the old yankee stadium. the system sucks. the networks that broadcasted all year should have the playoffs. it would be even better if yes continued broadcasting too.
it is just as stupid on the field to do things like rest a sinker ball for 7 days when you have the option not to. they could have pitched wang on the last day of the season and had him on 4 days rest for tonight. pettitte could have pitched on regular rest last night.
... and tony, good to see you on peter abraham's blog. that blog could use some higher level discussion. since the season ended, the quality has plummeted.

Tony Gicas said...

Thanks as always Randy..

Couldn't agree more about Wang going on regular rest. He looked like a power pitcher throwing up in the zone instead of the sinkerballer he's supposed to be.

That was some of the worst broadcasting of all time as well. Sager beating an Indian's drum and celebrating the hometeam's homerun? You are supposed to be a LITTLE objective when broadcasting a professional sport, are you not?

Having Bob Brenly who beat the Yankees in 2001 and obviously hates them is another wise choice. Then there was the play-by-play commentator who I swear pulled an Enrique Polanzo - that is a Cleveland fan kidnapped the original broadcaster, dressed in his clothes and announced in his stead.

Tony Gwynn was the only guy you could stomach. He was objective, knew his role and made intelligent comments. Bad enough that the Yankees spit the bit, but having such a horrendous broadcast added insult to injury. Half of Yankeeland probably missed Damons lead-off homerun to start the game, b/c they were still watching TBS and the Colorado-Phillies. What a disgrace.