Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Swing Like the Rays

WasWatching.com has some sound advice for Yankee hitters once they dig in against C.C. Sabathia. Mainly, New York's lineup should swing early. However, should the hitter find himself mired in an 0-2 hole, they might as well say a prayer.

In 2007, on the whole, batters had 975 Plate Appearances (PA) against (the Indians') C.C. Sabathia and had the following BA/OBA/SLG results: .259/.292/.392.

However, in the 123 PA where batter puts first pitch in play (meaning on a 0-0 count) the numbers against Sabathia are: .407/.402/.695.

Further, in the 86 PA where batter hit the pitch on a 0-1 count against Sabathia, they went: .305/.298/.488.

...Looking at the stats some more tells you that you're dead once Sabathia gets two strikes on you. The batting average allowed in those counts is less than .200.
Kevin Long will have to hope Joe Torre listens when he instructs the skipper to jump on CC early. Long, however, probably won't pay too much attention to Sabathia's career numbers against New York. Having a 1-7 record and 7.13 ERA against the Yankees isn't pretty, but he hasn't faced them in over three years.

Things have changed since then.

Contrasting 2007 with 2004, CC's posted an ERA a whole run better, he's struck out 70 more batters, walked 35 less, and thrown 50 more innings than the pitcher New York last saw. That's a drastic disparity.

Yankee fans will have to hope Sabathia's Yankee woes remain the status quo.

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Anonymous said...

it wont matter who the pitcher is because the yankees lineup is too good