Thursday, October 4, 2007

This can't be good.

Maybe it's nothing serious, but seeing Jason Giambi at first would be an ugly harbinger for the Yankees.


Mike & The Mad Dog
report that Doug Mientkiewicz has his ankle wrapped after a camera-man rolled over it. Apparently the Yankees believe he will be ok, but they will watch him closely during pre-game warmups.

This potential injury situation has heightened importance because of who is starting the game for New York. A power-sinker pitcher like Chien-Ming Wang needs as good a defensive supporting cast as is possible. Giambino or Shelley Duncan are not their best options in that regard.

Maybe this clumsy camera jockey 1)works for a Cleveland network, 2)is a disgruntled Indians fan, or 3)bet his Christmas bonus on an Indian sweep.

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