Friday, October 19, 2007

Torre 2PM Press Conference

Joe Torre's press conference announcing his farewell from the Yankees organization has several significant pieces of information. Here are a few tidbits I found to be interesting.
  • Like myself and most Yankee fans, Torre does not like Randy Levine. When asked about his relationship with Levine, Torre explained that he doesn't deal with him, he deals with the general manager.
  • Over these past couple weeks, Brian Cashman seemed to be of the few and maybe only voice which stood up in Torre's defense. That's something which shouldn't go unnoticed.
  • Torre felt George Steinbrenner was "nudged" into this consensus decision. He probably could have stated that The Boss is not in his best health, but as he always has, Torre took the high road on that topic.
  • Joe may be somewhat resentful toward the organization, but you would never know it considering how engaging and humorous he continued to be. Several times Torre got choked up, but refused to break down when talking about his players and family.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ton, how about a story on all the players who said they may or may not come back now that Torre's gone? Or do you just cover the positive aspects of the team?

New poll on ESPN, 51% of fans don't think the Yankees will make the playoffs next year without Torre. And that's BEFORE anyone's left.

Back to the good old days of the 80's!

Tony Gicas said...


Hey Mike:

How about "money talks."

And why would anyone care about an ESPN poll for NEXT year when ESPN spent all summer guaranteeing the Yankees wouldn't make the playoffs THIS season. Hm, that prediction worked out well, right?

Back to the good old days of the mid-90's. You mixed up decades.