Sunday, November 4, 2007

Crede For Damon?

Brian Cashman: We'll give you our aging, oft-injured centerfielder for your blocked, third baseman returning from back surgery.

Kenny Williams: Can we get Hughes too?

Cash: Get real.
Buster Olney believes a Johnny Damon for Joe Crede deal makes a lot of sense for both sides. Prospect Josh Fields cranked 20+ homers last year as a rookie, essentially calling Crede's ChiSox career to a close. (While in Chicago this summer, I saw Fields take Josh Beckett deep. And I mean deep, the kid's got some pop)

From Olney:
Makes sense in a lot of ways: The Yankees would get the veteran third baseman they need without committing themselves to big dollars, shed Damon's salary, and the White Sox would solve their third base logjam while adding a center fielder for much less than what the free agent center fielders will get (Damon is owed about $26 million over the next two seasons, and presumably, the Yankees would eat some of that to make a deal happen).
This is all gravy Buster, but does anybody know if Crede's back is going to support his weight next year, much less allow him to turn on 96 mph fastballs? Repairing two herniated discs after sticking five epidural injections in someones spine does not exactly evoke confidence.

The absence of a credible leadoff hitter in Damon's stead (sorry, Melky ain't there yet), is another concern. Jeter is capable but it hurts the overall production of the lineup. Maybe moving Abreu to leadoff and Cano to the three-hole is a possibility.

(Source - Chicago Sports)

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