Friday, November 30, 2007

Meanwhile... the Yankees offer

According to Jack Curry of the NY Times, the Yankees have offered Minnesota a package of Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera and one more minor leaguer. Curry speculates it could be Jose Tabata, but speculation is all that it is.
The Yankees have offered pitcher Ian Kennedy, center fielder Melky Cabrera and at least one minor league prospect, perhaps outfielder José Tabata. In the trade discussions, the Yankees have told the Twins that pitcher Joba Chamberlain is untouchable and that they do not want to deal pitcher Phil Hughes.

Because the Twins are insisting that Hughes must be a part of the package, the Yankees are mulling whether to make that concession. If the Yankees insert Hughes for Kennedy in their offer, they think it could be enough to obtain Santana. Of course, the Yankees, or any team that reached an agreement with the Twins, would then have the challenging task of signing Santana to a huge six- or seven-year contract in a 72-hour window.
In my speculation, a package beginning with IPK and Melky would also need another position piece and another high level prospect which would very likely mean Alan Horne or Humberto Sanchez.

* Jorge wants Santana in pinstripes.

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