Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rumor: Yankees Offered Lowell Four-Year Deal

A Boston tv station offered an unnamed source stating the Yankees and three other teams offered Mike Lowell a four-year deal. However, MLB Trade Rumors debunked the report as false after Atlanta, LAA and St. Louis all denied it as inaccurate.

If the Yankees offer is legit, it may have come before Alex Rodriguez was back in the fold. Whatever the case may be, at least it would drive up the price for the Boy Genius & his Boston Beaneaters.

From the seemingly irrelevant WHDH report:
Lowell has received contract offers from four separate MLB teams: the Braves, Angels, Cardinals, and Yankees.

Each offer is a 4-year contract, worth between $55-60 million.

The Yankees offer includes a request that Lowell play First Base, something the Gold-Glove-winning third baseman does not want to do.

The Red Sox have previously offered Lowell a 3-year contract worth $36 million.

Lowell is now waiting to see if the Red Sox will up their initial offer and try to keep him in Boston, in lieu of these newest offers from the four previously mentioned teams.

Hopefully a flirtation and nothing more took place between Lowell's agents and the Yankees. I'd rather have Eric 'Enigmatic' Duncan manning first than adding another overpaid, aging, and/or wildcard piece to an already log-jammed puzzle.

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