Friday, December 28, 2007

Boston's Bluff Continues

Joel Sherman is a solid baseball writer who often times gives his readers insights into the game that most journalists do not. However, today's column shows he is obviously being used by the Red Sox to continue their hollow threats of landing Johan Santana.

Sherman declares Boston now holds a commanding lead in the Santana sweepstakes.

Sherman's article comes following a 20 day hiatus for the holidays. His first day back on the job and the first piece he puts together is one decreeing Santana Fenway-bound? Sounds like somebody has been out of the loop and his "sources" were kind enough to feed some Sawx propaganda that would stir up Yankee fans and sell papers.

This whole situation is becoming more drawn out than Dave Koresh in Waco, Tex.

1 comment:

kiddny said...

Does anyone know what the heck Sherman is talking about?!?

The guy has absolutely nothing to write about I guess!?!