Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Report Is In

You can check out the Mitchell report here.

Yankees players current and former include Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Mike Stanton, Ron Villone, Chuck Knoblauch, Dave Justice and Rondell White.

Though Pettitte is alleged to have asked about HGH in attempt to return from arm injury, Clemens (if this Radomski is to be believed) is an absolute walking pharmacy, just like Bonds. The bulk of this use came with the Blue Jays, Radomski said.

At first-glance of the report - which is hundreds of pages long - there really is not much bite to it. The entire report against Pettitte and several others involves no proof. While Lo Duca and Gagne have checks made out to Radomski, accusations made against Pettitte are just that.... accusations without any proof behind it.

Fans will believe what they want, but as Pete Abe notes "[Radomski] is a former clubbie who now runs a car wash and was testifying to get a lesser prison sentence."

Remember, the two major sources for the report are New York clubhouse officials. Names like Pudge and Bret Boone, absolute PED users are not on this list, meaning if the center of the investigation were Texas, Detroit, Seattle or dare I say Beantown, a whole different group of players would probably be implicated.

Mitchell's employment with the Sawx a conflict of interest? Nawww.


Other notable players on the list include Kevin Brown while on the Dodgers. Brown was referred by Paul Lo Duca who is also on the list. Though he stunk for Boston last year, Eric Gagne appears on the list as well. Miguel Tejada is listed as a direct HGH recipient, making his recent trade a little more justifiable.

Brian Roberts and Jack Cust appear too. In between angioplasties, Mo Vaughn took PEDs.

Blasts from the past Hal Morris and Randy Velarde and Todd Hundley (who allegedly hooked up Lo Duca) also appear.

Comic relief: Howie Clark, who most fans remember as the Toronto Blue Jays third baseman who dropped the infield fly after A-Rod yelled "Ha!" also appears on the list.

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