Thursday, January 10, 2008

2004 World Series BoSox Player Used PEDs?

Everyone's favorite pessimist, Steve from, came across a nice little nugget. Apparently, at the close of the radio show hosted by Kevin Kennedy and Ron Dibble, Kennedy said he witnessed a member of the 2004 Red Sox championship team inject himself with performance-enhancing-drugs.

On the drive home tonight, from work, I caught the very last minutes of The Show on X-Radio (MLB Home Plate) with Rob Dibble and Kevin Kennedy.

At that time, Kevin Kennedy was addressing a caller who had some thoughts on the Mitchell Report.

I was pretty surprised at what Kennedy had to say there. In wanting to make a point about the Mitchell Report not being the all-inclusive bible of naming PED users, Kevin Kennedy said that a current colleague of his, who was with the Boston Red Sox in 2004, told him that he (the colleague) witnessed, for a fact, a member of the '04 Red Sox injecting himself in the buttocks with a needle full of PEDs. Kennedy said that the user is no longer a member of the Red Sox - but, he was a player on the team that won the ring in 2004. As per Kennedy, his colleague said that the "user" was giving a demo (to the "colleague") on how to do the injection.

It's pretty interesting that Kennedy would throw this out there, in the last few minutes of a radio broadcast.
Gee, wonder why this player never appeared in the Red Sox Mitchell Report? Someone will look into this further, but Keith Foulke, Kevin Millar, come to mind and Gabe Kapler would be to easy, right?

If a former player can uncover this much, imagine what a senator not employed by the Boston Red Sox might uncover.

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