Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Break From Steroids

Movies In Theaters I Recommend:
1) Charlie Wilson's War
2) Juno
3) I Am Legend [read the book]

[Dan In Real Life was OK]

Will Pay To See:
1) There Will Be Blood
2) Cloverfield
3) Into The Wild
· Though I never read George Crile's book, the film version of Charlie Wilson's War was hilarious and heartwrenching, interesting and ridiculous. Any movie which is directed by Mike Nichols and written by Aaron Sorkin is required viewing for me. Sorkin's written dialogue alone is worth the price of admission - just as it was in The West Wing. Phillip Seymour Hoffman absolutely steals the movie, though Tom Hanks is very good in a different role and Julia Roberts is tolerable.

· Juno is quirky, funny, sarcastic and fresh. The acting is very good - surprisingly Jennifer Garner is included in that statement - and the writing is extremely sharp. If Knocked Up were written by a woman, instead of Judd Apatow, this would be it. Don't get me wrong, both films are great, but very different stylistically. This makes them both distinct while remaining relevant.

· I Am Legend was very good. Unfortunately, I am a enormous fan of the book it is loosely based on and the film took some equally enormous departures from the essence of the novel. If you haven't read the book already, go see the movie and be entertained. If you have read the book, keep your expectations intact and expect some major liberties to be taken.

· Any movie Daniel Day-Lewis appears in is going to get my attention. Movies like The Boxer or My Left Foot or In The Name of the Father and The Last of the Mohicans are unbelievable films lifted on the shoulders of Day-Lewis' performances. There Will Be Blood appears to be no different, especially considering the film was written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson who directed one of my favorite all-time films: Magnolia. Anderson also directed Boogie Nights which is a very solid effort as well.

· As far as Cloverfield, just watch the trailer. That should be enough.

Apologies for the non-baseball post, but some sort of escape from the mindless steroid talk was needed.

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