Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Breaking: Bonds Asks Judge To Throw Perjury Case Out, America Laughs

Apparently Barry Bonds does have a sense of humor as the embattled steroids star asked a federal judge to dismiss perjury charges on Wednesday. Bonds called the indictment "scattershot" and believed it is full of "striking inartfulness."

Never heard that word before and it does not appear in dictionaries, but it seems to mean ineptitude; though lawyer speak is not my forte. From

The lawyers said "the questions posed to him by two different prosecutors were frequently imprecise, redundant, overlapping and frequently compound."

Prosecutors asked Bonds several times whether personal trainer Greg Anderson supplied him with steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs beginning in 2000. Bonds answered "no" or "not at all," but his lawyers argued that the questions were not clear.

Bonds' lawyers asked U.S. District Judge Susan Illston to either toss the case or order prosecutors to streamline the indictment, which cites 19 different instances of Bonds' alleged lying.

Good use of the thesaurus Barry, but all the flowery vocabulary in Oxford won't get this case thrown out by a federal judge.

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