Friday, January 4, 2008

Dick Cheney Must Not Like The Nats

Luis Ayala, starting pitcher for the Washington Nationals may be late for Spring Training this year, but he has a good excuse. During a post-Christmas hunting trip Ayala was injured when he was accidentally shot with spread pellets.

From The Washington Post:
While on a fishing/hunting trip shortly after Christmas, Luis Ayala was accidentally sprayed in the upper LEFT forearm by a single shotgun pellet. After the incident, Luis immediately contacted the Nationals training staff. He was subsequently flown to Los Angles, where he was examined by Dr. Lewis Yocum.

Dr. Yocum's exam rendered a bruised nerve. Luis is currently experiencing a slight tingling sensation that is common with a nerve contusion to this area of the body. This tingling sensation is improving daily.

Fortunately, Dr. Yocum's exam noted no artery damage and Ayala's nerve is intact. Luis' motor function is normal. He has full use of his arm and hand.

X-Rays/Pictures of Ayala's arm show small fragments of the pellet currently reside in the arm, but these will not be touched, as they have caused no problems. This is standard protocol for this type of injury assuming an infection does not arise (which it has not for Ayala).
No word on Cheney's whereabouts though it's believed he is still at large stealing oil from a small middle eastern country.

The VP needs to learn how to shoot straight. Get it, that's a double entendre!

*Editors Note: this post was meant in jest and any governmental agency who may be viewing thanks to the Patriot Act know Vice President Cheney had his shotgun privileges revoked long ago.

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