Saturday, January 12, 2008

Even Trump Wouldn't Pay That Tab

If you have a couple extra million bucks stuck between the couch cushions, maybe you'd like to make an investment in Yankees season ticket packages.

This sale item is somehow still listed at

Because the package is only available in five ticket quantities, the total bill works out to approximately $3.5 million. Carry the one, yes that's right.

And that's before adding Stubhub's other related charges which at last glance included fees for convenience, shipping and breathing.

[hat tip to LoHud poster Jennifer]


Jen said...

Actually they're selling for $140,000 each. $700,000 is the total for all five. Still it ain't chump change. And it's quite a mark up. One seat in that section for a full season costs $20,250.

Bronx Liaison said...

thanks for clearing it up Jen.

in that case, I might have to put in a bid.