Saturday, January 19, 2008

Favre Rookie Card Won't Buy U Lunch
Plus Some Football Picks

Rummaging through some old boxes, I stumbled upon this NFL Pro Set rookie card of Brett Favre during his forgettable days as an Atlanta Falcon. At first, I thought I might have uncovered a trading card with some bigtime value behind it's untampered mint corners.

Upon further review, however, I learned the '91 Pro Set line of trading cards were massively overproduced, plummeting their value. I believe this particular Favre rookie goes for a whopping $8. After a little research, many other Favre rookie cards go for - on average - $80-$100.

Anyhow, my football picks for the conference championship games go as follows:
Packers - 31
Giants -- 21
Eli in subzero temperatures equals trouble. The magical run for Brett and his baby packers is destined for Arizona.
Patriots - 28
Chargers - 13
Brady, Moss, Welker, Stallworth, Maroney for New England.

No Philip Rivers plus no Antonio Gates equals no shot. Sorry LT.

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