Monday, January 14, 2008

Hank Calls Report "Erroneous"

According to Newsday's Pete Caldera, today's report from ESPN Radio has been deemed "erroneous" by Hank Steinbrenner. Only took Hankenstein a few hours to retract Monday's news that Phil Hughes was off the table.

From Caldera:
Hank Steinbrenner says a broadcast report that the Yankees have taken their offer for Johan Santana off the table is “erroneous’’ – for the simple fact that there was no “official’’ offer made since the winter meetings.

Steinbrenner said there’s only been “very light talk back and forth’’ with the Minnesota Twins since mid December. Mainly, there’s been no movement “because of the fact that I haven’t decided’’ whether to deal a gaggle of young stars for Santana.

There was no official offer,’’ Steinbrenner told us by phone late this afternoon. “If there’s an offer on the table, then that means you fully intend to do that deal. There is no offer right now,’’ though Steinbrenner added that “it doesn’t mean that a final decision has been made.’’

A few hours ago I'd said Hank can have a change of heart quicker than a manic depressive, but this is ridiculous.

And from
"It's still in the deciding process," Steinbrenner said Monday night outside Legends Field at the Yankees' spring training complex. "We're still discussing it. There's still a little talk back and forth."
"There wasn't an official offer anyway. You can't withdraw something that wasn't there," Steinbrenner said. "There was no official offer on the table at this time."


Anonymous said...

i dont think he talks to much but i do think he tells fans the truth. rather have that then soem PR guy writing releases for george

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