Thursday, January 3, 2008

Heyman: Mets May Give Up The Farm

According to WFAN radio show Mike & The Mad Dog and guest Jon Heyman, the Mets are willing to give up "any" four top prospects if it lands Johan Santana. This includes Mulvey, Fernando Martinez, Gomez and Guerra.

From Metsblog via the Jon Heyman interview on

During his appearance on WFAN today,’s Jon Heyman said that the Twins know they must trade Johan Santana, and the ‘general sense around baseball’ is that they will.

According to Heyman, the Yankees and Mets are most interested in Santana, but Yankees GM Brian Cashman does not want to make a move.

The Mets, however, notes Heyman, are very serious - so much so that ‘some Mets people’ believe they have made the ‘best offer so far,’ i.e., ‘any four of their prospects.’

Am I the only one praying that the Mets get Santana?

Because I'm sure Red Sox fans would be just as happy with Johan in Flushing instead of the Bronx.

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