Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Murray Chass Is Tired Of Santana

Johan Santana is the story that never ends. Murray Chass of the New York Times understands Roger Clemens and Capitol Hill have overshadowed Santana's sweepstakes, but he also realizes the commotion surrounding the Twins ace shows no signs of slowing:
In this space two weeks ago, I wrote that the most popular baseball game of the winter was the Minnesota Twins’ attempt to trade Johan Santana, and the game, I said, seemed to be endless. The endless part was right, but I’m not so sure I was right about it being the most popular game of the winter.
The Twins’ effort to trade Santana, thought by many to be the best pitcher in baseball, goes on. They continue to talk to interested teams, but no one is prepared to make a deal because the Twins haven’t told their potential trading partners whether they want major league-ready players or prospects.

The Twins could be delaying that decision while they determine which players may be available. They have been told that their No. 1 choice, José Reyes, the Mets shortstop, is not. So their talks go on, making an already long game even longer.

Although Santana’s new location, assuming he is relocated, will be of great importance to much of the population of Major League Baseball — the team that gets him, the teams that don’t, the teams that will have to deal with him and the teams that will no longer have to deal with him.

If his portrayal of Bill Smith is accurate, Chass is painting a pretty damning picture of the Twins GM as a man who doesn't know what he wants.

Bill, do you want prospects or young major leaguers? If Smith is as clueless as he appears, Minaya must be licking his lips.

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