Sunday, January 27, 2008

Report: Bedard Is Seattle Bound

Mariners Blog via the Seattle Times reports Erik Bedard has been traded to the Mariners for a package built around star outfield prospect Adam Jones. From the article:
Adam Jones has left his Venezuelan Winter League team and flies to Baltimore tomorrow morning to take a physical so he can be dealt to the Orioles in exchange for pitcher Erik Berdard. No word yet on how many players going Baltimore's way.

Jones did not mince words when he spoke to a reporter from Diario Panorama in Venezuela today. We have a relationship with the reporter and paper and they have graciously supplied us with quotes from the interview with Jones.

"I received a call from Seattle saying that is no more playing for me and I can't do anything about that,'' Jones said. "I leave tomorrow morning..."

"(Bill Bavasi) called me yesterday and told me the news. I've got to go to Baltimore tomorrow morning and handle things there. I'm the centerpiece of the deal on the Mariners side. It's an honor to get traded for such a highly talented pitcher as Bedard is. He's one of the best. Last year he finished up as arguably one of the top candidates for the Cy Young. He's that good, so for me it's an honor. You know, I like Seattle, but if I am in Baltimore, as I think now I am, I'm going to embrace it and have the best time of my life in Major League Baseball."
Jones sounds like a good kid off the field, to go along with his all star caliber talent on the field. The article also mentioned George Sherrill, Seattle's talented lefthanded reliever. Sherrill also comes off well, though he has yet to be informed if he is involved in any potential deal.
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