Thursday, January 10, 2008

Report: Mariners Closing In On Bedard

Ken Rosenthal's latest post suggests the Mariners could be closing in on a deal for Erik Bedard centered around outfield uberprospect, Adam Jones.
A trade between the Orioles and Mariners is only one player away from completion, major-league sources say, but that one player could be right-hander Chris Tillman, a 19-year-old that the M's would prefer to retain.

Outfielder Adam Jones would be the centerpiece of the deal for the Orioles, and left-handed reliever George Sherrill and 17-year-old shortstop Carlos Triunfel are among the other players under discussion.

The Mariners also have inquired about A's right-hander Joe Blanton, but the A's would insist upon Jones and the Mariners might not be willing to trade their top position prospect within the division.

After today's trade of Brian Roberts to the Cubs and with Bedard potentially on the move, could this deal be the catalyst which aides in bringing a conclusion to the entire Santana saga?

A new post from Minnesota columnist Joe Christensen suggests the Mets may have the top offer. Nothing new to report - as is the prerequisite for most Santana articles - with Christensen reporting the Mets offer will not bring back Johan unless outfield top prospect Fernando Martinez is included. This has been the snag for the Mets for weeks, as their offer currently on the table is believed to include Humber, Gomez, Mulvey and Guerra.

Rosenthal also reports Mike Cameron - A-Rod's choice in center should Melky be moved - could be on his way to Milwaukee.

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