Thursday, January 17, 2008

Salary Arbitration List

Robinson Cano and Chien-Ming Wang may receive large arbitration rewardings, unless of course, they are able to reach contract extensions to avoid these hearings. As Pete Abe suggests, Nate Roberton's three year deal worth $21 million may well be a harbinger of what's to come for Wang.

We'll find out tomorrow what happens with the Yankees youngsters, but Wanger and Cano aren't the only ones looking to up the ante. From
NEW YORK -- The 110 players who filed for salary arbitration Tuesday (x-free agent who accepted arbitration; y-agreed to terms after filing). Players and teams will exchange proposed salaries Friday.
The bigger names around the league include Erik Bedard, K-Rod, Justin Morneau, Scott Kazmir, Matt Holiday, Ryan Howard, Miguel Cabrera, and last but certainly not least, Scott Proctor.

Mark Teixeira, Huston Street and Brad Lidge were among 22 players who avoided salary arbitration by reaching new deals. Teixeira agreed to a $12.5 million contract, and Street a $3.3 million deal.

Blue Jays lefthanded reliever, Scott Downs cashed in on his best season and was awarded a three year $10 million deal. By the way, he pitched a whopping 58 innings to earn that money. "Ten million" and "Scott Downs" do not belong in the same sentence. Ever.

In related news, Kyle Farnsworthless and New York City have a similar level of chemistry together.

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