Saturday, February 16, 2008

Carl The Crutch Is Blind

Carl Pavano doesn't like baseball. The Crutch would rather play demolition derby with his Porsche, crack a few ribs and spend months indirectly damaging the Yankees starting rotation. Well, this is just speculation, but a story from the LoHud Blog is just as unbelievable - except it's actually true.

To say Pavano is a pariah is an understatement. He asked one of the clubhouse kids for a small box today to store some things he had in his locker. The kid went over to a garbage pail, fished out an orange Nike shoebox, dumped a half-eated sandwich out of it and handed it to Pavano.

None the wiser, the “American Idle” (as the Post calls him), put it in his locker.

When the clubbies hand you garbage, that’s a sign your team has had enough of you.

When Mike Mussina ripped Carl to pieces during last Spring training, that's pretty embarrassing. Mussina rarely criticizes anyone. But when an adolescent clubhouse attendant isn't afraid of publicly humiliating the American Idle, that's a sign that it's time to leave.

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