Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CC Kills Contract Talks

According to the AP [via ESPN], Cleveland ace CC Sabathia has cut short contract talks. Sabathia cites the continuing discussion of a contract extension as a potential distraction for himself and his team.

Ever since Johan Santana signed off on a trade and contract which made him a Met and the highest paid pitcher in MLB history, industry sources began pondering the final destination of Sabathia. Many have labeled him the second prize to the Santana sweepstakes.

Suffice to say that the New York Yankees will have an interest in the 2007 AL Cy Young Award winner. It also goes without saying that the Yanks will have plenty of competition for such a free agent signing. Today's report of Sabathia cutting off talks is one of several small steps which lead to him walking out of Cleveland - and into a more pricey salary and address.

Call me an idiot, but I would like to see Sabathia remain in Cleveland. It would be good for the city and for baseball in general. However, the realists in all of us probably believes CC is on his way out of Ohio following the upcoming season. From the article:
The cold, hard reality is that C.C. Sabathia's days with the Cleveland Indians could be dwindling.

At this time next year, Sabathia could be somewhere else, pitching for somebody other than the only team he has ever known.

"I can't think like that," Sabathia said after a brisk workout on Tuesday morning. "I don't want to go through the season thinking this will be my last year. I want to help my guys here win."
At the end of December, the Indians offered Sabathia, who has a 100-63 career mark, a four-year extension believed to be worth between $17 million and $18 million per year. He's represented by Legacy Sports Group.

Sabathia said the two sides never got close to a deal.

"The Indians sent a proposal," he said. "We couldn't get any common ground on it. Coming into spring training I want to focus on the team and not make it a distraction. I've seen it be a distraction for guys in this clubhouse and I don't want it to be that way for me, so I decided to put it on the shelf."

Last week, Sabathia announced through his website that talks had hit a standstill. Therefore, this is not really "news," but his public statements give it a little more relevance as opposed to rehashing stale items.

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