Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Linx: Santana, Bedard, & Joba

· The Johan Santana contract is expected to be completed by the 5:00 pm deadline. The NY Post says Santana is looking for a contract of at least $150 million and the sticking point seems to be whether or not the final year is guaranteed. The negotiations could come right down to the wire, but it should get done.

· Similarly, the Baltimore Sun reports the Erik Bedard story should be wrapped up "soon." Both the Mariners and Orioles believe a resolution will come within the next couple days; which does not rule out Bedard staying in Baltimore. Supposedly, as was rumored yesterday, the hold up is linked to procedural red tape involving physical exams.

· In the wake of the Santana sweepstakes, RLYW examines the top twenty offensive seasons in Yankee history.

· The Minor League Baseball site released its list of the top 50 prospects who are rookie eligible in 2008. Not surprisingly, Joba Chamberlain and Clay Buchholz are in the top ten. However, Clayton Kershaw, who has yet to throw a major league pitch, and probably will not until a September call-up or not at all until 2009, is ranked above both AL East pitching phenoms.

I understand there is a consensus from scouts that Kershaw is an uber prospect and lefthanded, but it seems inaccurate to rank a pitcher never above AA over two prospects who flew through the minors before flashing dominance at the big league level. Ian Kennedy came in at #26 and Austin Jackson #49.

· Nolan Ryan is considering a job with the Texas Rangers and no, it does not require putting Robin Ventura in a headlock.

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